dw martin

Born the youngest of three kids in Sulphur, Oklahoma.


Moved to Edmond, Oklahoma started first grade.


The start of building things in my Granddads’ workshop and finding the joy of working with my hand and imagination..


Drawing abilities emerged during third grade and recognized by private drawing tutor. Encouraged to practice visual observations and develop drawing skills.


Developed a reputation for being the class artist. Continued exploring various art mediums that won me grade school art contest.


Focus became less in art and more on sports. Actually started wrestling in fifth grade and continued through junior year, also played football and ran track. However, simultaneously was awarded yearbook cover designs and interior art projects around school i.e. mascot murals.


Attended vocational school in commercial art during high school. Developed silkscreen photo stencil set-up to produce multi-color screen prints in my parents garage. This work earned me a scholarship to attend “On Stage Arts Institute” for young artist in Oklahoma for two years consecutively as a printmaker. This is where I met a mentor, Dan Kiatz who encouraged me to seriously think about art as a profession.


Graduated high school and voted most artistic in my senior class.


Hired and worked for a large commercial printing company. I
quickly earned rank of lead man working with artist, organizing
jobs, cutting stencils, prepping film positives, and training new employees.                     


Resigned from commercial job, toured Europe for three months, returned to start formal fine art education at The University of  Oklahoma as a printmaker working under Dan Kiatz.


Awarded a Ben y. Barnett Art Scholarships while paying for school as a bus driver. Concurrent to this, became very interested in sculpture under the influence and encouragement of Ken Little. I seriously started developing a sculpture portfolio in hopes of getting into graduate school.


First solo exhibit  titled “Art Labour”, Pinks Gallery, Norman, Oklahoma


Graduated earning BFA with distinction. Began search for graduate programs in sculpture while doing various jobs to pay the bills.


Applied to and excepted into three major graduate programs.   Excepted offer at Virginia Commonwealth receiving tuiton waivers and assistantships for two years. Moved to Richmond, Virginia began master work in sculpture.


Graduated with MFA Established studio in downtown Richmond while applying for teaching positions.


Acquired gallery representation in Washington D.C. at Henri Gallery and was given a solo exhibition.


Solo Exhibition, “Henri Gallery”


Acquired gallery representation, “Astra Gallery”, Richmond, VA.


Solo Exhibition, “Henri Gallery


Teaching as adjunct faculty at VCU and at other various instructional     situations I continued to apply for full time teaching jobs nation wide. I worked as a carpenter and at other various jobs producing architectural details, furniture, restaurant and bar interiors, as well as a general construction worker. Also built displays for a while at The Science Museum of Virginia.


Excepted a technician job in the Art Department at Ohio State University for the sculpture and glass art programs.


Attended Pilchuck Glass School on a scholarship.


Excepted a full-time faculty position at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania teaching 3D foundations and sculpture.


Solo exhibition,” Elements of Art Gallery”, Columbus Ohio

  1999 Married my wife Christina  

Earned full-time tenure track position as Associate Professor at Edinboro University teaching all levels of sculpture.


Solo exhibition, “Shortest Distance” Main Art Gallery, Richmond VA. The show opened days before the Twin Tower Tragedy 9/11.


First son born, Calder Ellis


Second son born, Owen sander


Promoted to Associate professor at Edinboro University.


Solo exhibition, ”Borderline Bliss” Flatlanders Gallery, Blissfield,  Michigan.